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Thanks to the Wikipedia Community

DBpedia is essentially a data-oriented interface to the work of the Wikipedia community, and wouldn't exist without the massive contributions made by editors and authors at Wikipedia, or without the developers who built the underlying infrastructure that supports Wikipedia. DBpedia is intended to show how the information spread across many Wikipedia pages can be combined into a single integrated database. We hope this will make it easier for the amazing amount of information in Wikipedia to be used in new and interesting ways, and that it might inspire new mechanisms for navigating, linking and improving the encyclopaedia itself. DBpedia is our way of saying "thank you!" for Wikipedia...

Contributing Persons and Organisations

The project was started in 2007. It is maintained by the following organisations:

The following organisations also help (or helped) support DBpedia:

The following is a list of main contributors (ordered alphabetically by surname) and their role in DBpedia (developer list at

JetBrains grants a free license for IntelliJ to the DBpedia project:

Developed withJava IDE with all-level code UML diagrams:
from bird's eye to tiny details

Some of the team at a face-to-face meeting

Some members of the DBpedia Team at a meeting in Leipzig (December 2009). From left to right:
Sören Auer, Sebastian Hellmann, Chris Bizer, Christopher Sahnwaldt, Jens Lehmann, Robert Isele, Claus Stadler